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It’s interesting to watch professional golfers play shots out of the sand. Provided they have a reasonably good lie, their consistency and accuracy is amazing. If a professional golfer is not on the green it seems like the place he would rather be is in a sand trap. Contrast that with amateur golfers who would rather be just about anywhere on the course but a sand trap. That should tell us is that these shots shouldn’t be as difficult as high handicap golfers make them.

I have always thought that the key to hitting successful sand shots is confidence. Since hitting shots from green-side bunkers requires you not to hit the ball but the sand, any hesitation or lack of acceleration through the shot will likely mean that the ball will stay in that same bunker. But to get to that place where you confidently come through the ball, there are three areas that have to be addressed, and they will be as follows:

1. Setting up to the ball. It is imperative that the ball is positioned off of the front left foot. By swinging the club the right way this should be the bottom of the golf swing. Placing it back in the stance will cause the blade of the sand wedge to enter the sand at first. Too far forward and the blade of the sand wedge will be on the upswing, causing a sculled shot. The stance should be open and the weight should be evenly distributed on each foot.

2. Swing sequence for the shot. You do not want an inside-out swing for this shot. Take the club straight back or slightly outside the swing path, and you should have a quick wrist break which will cause a steeper swing plane. When making contact with the sand think of cupping the left wrist, which means the back of the left hand accelerates in the direction of the left forearm. This prevents the club face from closing. shot blasting machine

3. Finding the point of entry. This can actually be a rather difficult concept, because we have been so programmed to make solid ball contact for every one of our other shots. For this one though, we are not hitting the ball, we’re hitting the sand about 2 inches behind the ball. Hitting the sand behind the ball means that the club in effect is not taking the ball out of the sand, the sand is. Therefore, if you don’t hit the ball confidently and try to blast it out with enough force to take sand and ball to the green, you will fail. If the ball is hit with enough force and confidence and you employ a good follow through, the ball should come out every time.


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