The Gambling Paradise Between Cambodia And Thailand

As we touched on where to find casinos in thailand in the last article, i am going to share with you a special area in between the border of thailand and cambodia where casinos exist and is legally in operation.

Poipet, a town in between the thailand and cambodia border has been growing the past few years at a fast developing pace. It is four hundred over kilometers away from Cambodia capital phnom penh and two hundred and fifty kilometers away from Thailand capital bangkok. It is the closest place from bangkok that has legal operating casino and is deemed as the second most popular gambling spot in Cambodia. The top gambling spot in cambodia is in phnom penh with only one legal operating casino called Nagaworld.

This special location is in between the immigration of thailand and cambodia. Just after exiting the thailand immigration there is a stretch of land in between where all the casinos are located before entering the cambodia immigration. This special area thus is considered under the jurisdiction of cambodia.

Years ago, the. gambling population in poipet is made up of majority thai tourists covering more than 90% of the people travelling there. But as the area gets developed at lightning speed over the past few years, the gambling population does not only cover thais, more and more tourists from other places are heading there such as koreans, chinese, indonesians and more. In a good year, the estimated profit of the gambling business is expected to hit over $450 million on the overall splitting up between the respective casinos there.

There are more than a dozen of casinos located there. Some of the more popular and bigger ones are DNA Star Vegas, Holiday Palace, Poipet Resort, Grand Diamond, Winsor, Genting, Crown and a upcoming major one known as Galaxy. Once completed it is forseen that Galaxy will be the biggest casino in the area. As gambling is legal over there, some of the online casino offices are located in poipet too.

After exiting the thailand immigration, it takes less than 3 minute walk to the nearest available casino. Tourists do not have to worry about currency over there as there are money changers and remittance service available everywhere. The commonly used currency over there is thai baht and US dollar. Though casinos do offer currency exchange too, it is recommended to change outside as the rates inside the casino is much lower as compared to the money changers along the street.

Most casinos over there also provide hotel services so accomodation is not an issue at all. For gamblers, they may even get free hotel rooms by opting for exchanging rolling chips based on the terms and packages of respective casino. The more recommended hotels there are holiday, DNA Star Vegas and Winsor as the rooms are newer.

gclub The casinos in poipet provides games just like all other international casinos, covering games like bacarrat, blackjack, sic bo, roulette, dragon tiger, slot machines, three card poker, carribean poker and even sports betting counters can be found. The table limits on the games are also considered low if compared to international level so there is no need to be concerned with that. For players who are looking for high limit betting can request for VIP level where individual casino has their own VIP rooms to serve high rollers.

With this article, i believe more readers will know where it is possible to locate the nearest legal casino from bangkok. Lastly, please prepare a mask for people who plan to go there as the streets can be quite dusty with all the ongoing construction work as the area is under huge development. Also beware of pickpockets and take care of your own belongings.

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